What used to be there?

Downtown Las Vegas has changed quite a bit in the last few years. So much so, that today I often have to think about what used to be standing only a few years ago. There are many lots that have been flattened or rebuilt. Portions of the landscape have become unfamiliar.

It is an odd feeling when I look at an empty lot or a new development and cannot remember what used to be there. Was what was there before of any worth, or was it simply unremarkable? It feels as if I am losing my memory. Obviously someone thought what is new was certainly of more worth in order to go ahead and finance, assemble, entitle, build, etc. But what I am getting at is a sort of amnesia of place.

Friday – Downtown

First Friday, downtown Las Vegas. Shot sometime between the days of downtown being near empty after 5pm, and today where there are spots with staying power on into the night.

Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

Paris Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Disposable income. This shot was taken pre-2008 with an estimate, at that time, of around 35 million visitors a year to Las Vegas. Last year there were over 40 million visitors, but they are spending less. Our facade in the desert continues.

The photo also documents what was a suggestion of an appropriate streetscape (trees have been replanted with smaller/younger specimens) that provided for walking in our summer months (the area occupies only a 160′ stretch of a 2500′ block and a 5000′ super block). Too bad the guardrail on the planter was placed at the outer edge of the bench. Go ahead and stand a minute (see showtimes), but please move on inside and spend some money if you want to sit..

Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

Boulder – Hoover – Boulder – Hoover.

My own sweep of the leeward side. Check out a plan/map and section to get a technical idea of how massive the dam really is. Also check out a cool rendering (partial elevation).

Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

Fremont Street

Fremont Street sometime around the year ’00.

Original photograph – © P. Fenkell


One of my favorite facades.

Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

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