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Bridge Building

My daughter and I finally completed a bridge out of basswood. We built a bridge while building a bridge. Now off to UNLV to test its efficiency under stress.

What used to be there?

Downtown Las Vegas has changed quite a bit in the last few years. So much so, that today I often have to think about what used to be standing only a few years ago. There are many lots that have been flattened or rebuilt. Portions of the landscape have become unfamiliar. It is an odd […]

What is it exactly?

Lately, I’ve been asked variations on the theme of: “Paul, what is it exactly that you do?” Seems my work is all over the place; Architecture, public art, painting, poetry, film, installations, urban design, research, graphics, photography, sound works, etc. etc…. et. all off into the sunset. I just recently created this blog and started […]

Road Trip

Let it be known that I love a road trip, but hate to commute. South view. Shot somewhere between Reno and Vegas. Original photograph – © P. Fenkell  

Gotta get away.

Sometimes you just head out into the desert for some peace. A whole days drive away from phones, email, and the everyday grind makes all the difference sometimes. Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

Friday – Downtown

First Friday, downtown Las Vegas. Shot sometime between the days of downtown being near empty after 5pm, and today where there are spots with staying power on into the night. Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

Paris Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Disposable income. This shot was taken pre-2008 with an estimate, at that time, of around 35 million visitors a year to Las Vegas. Last year there were over 40 million visitors, but they are spending less. Our facade in the desert continues. The photo also documents what was a suggestion of an appropriate streetscape (trees […]


This theater caught my attention many times as I traveled by. It stood just outside Fallon, Nevada. Luckily, I finally stopped and got a picture before it was demolished. Original photograph – © P. Fenkell

I Live Here

I live here in the desert. And while this is not a picture of my house, I still live under that sign. Everyone in this valley lives under that sign. It is part of the lure of Las Vegas. A sense that anything goes in this town. A siren song that calls some 40 plus […]