• Sign - El Tesoro Bar

    Black Rock City, Nevada

  • Tavern Interior

    Digital massing model

  • Housing Proposal Reno, Nevada

    Live-Work Housing Units

  • Site Plan

    Plaza over Train Trench – Reno, Nevada
    13-0912 Fenkell

  • Temporary Shelter / Bar

    Black Rock City, Nevada

  • Beer Garden

    Rendering – Fenkell

  • Hotel Expansion

    Study Model

  • Las Vegas Monorail

    Study Model

  • Painting

    Acrylic 3′ x 7′

  • Public Art Proposal

    P Fenkell and J. Self

There is a time to be curious and there is a time to do.

“You get it, but you get it after sweating.”

L. Cohen

While I work in a variety of mediums, the majority of my endeavors come through hard work. Rarely do I operate from a position of superiority. It is the nature of my process to first understand, and then to act. I agree with Mr. Cohen in that good work rarely comes in a flash..  It requires effort.